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Learning Spanish Like Crazy by Patrick Jackson Review and Discount

Okay. That is about the full extent of my Spanish! I took it in high school. Three years! You would think I’d remember a little more than the above after three years, but, you know what they say: “Use it or lose it.” And that happens to be true. That’s also why they recommend total immersion as the best way to way to learn a language. Put yourself in a situation in which you have to use the language because it is the only one being used; and since that is the only language being spoken, you are forced to learn it – and quickly – if you want to communicate with people. And that is why I am learning Spanish like crazy! I am about to jump headfirst into that total immersion phase.


Here’s my story:

I have decided to make a move to Cuenca, Ecuador. It has been mentioned often in the media of late as a great place for Americans to retire. It caught my eye. The reason is it is a beautiful little hamlet in the highlands of Ecuador, about 2600 feet up in the mountains and, whereas most of coastal Ecuador, being close to the equator, is extremely hot and humid, Cuenca has very mild temperatures year round. What’s more, the cost of living there is very reasonable and I can get a nice apartment, condo or small home for so much less than I can here that it is easy on my budget. Another point to consider is they speak Spanish in Ecuador.


Thus, I am learning Spanish like crazy. I know I’ll be needing to continue my Spanish education after I get there, but whatever I can do in the meantime will help me get started. I can’t wait. The town is very quaint and full of expatriats like me who wanted to get away from the grind and
live someplace more affordable. Another plus to Cuenca is they offer very high quality medical care for next to nothing. There are a lot of American doctors who moved to Cuenca and have continued their medical practices Ecuador style.


Learning Spanish Like Crazy

 Learning Spanish Like Crazy by Patrick Jackson Review

I have already made a trip down there just to confirm that it’s as lovely as they say it is, and I was instantly sold. Got back and started learning Spanish like crazy in anticipation of my exciting move. It’s coming along well. I’m using the Pimsleur language program and it’s very effective. I have the CDs and they really are developed to help you learn the language logically by tying in one set of phrases with another so your language skills develop in a logical way and you learn practical phrases also – things you will need in every day life, such as “Where is the restroom?” I’d say that’s a pretty important phrase to know!


So, I’ve sold my house and have a little nest egg in the bank from that and I’ve been browsing the apartments online. There are some beautiful ones in my price range and I’ve contacted several managers who are expecting me when I arrive there in Cuenca. In the meantime, some expatriate friends have kindly offered to let me stay with them so I won’t have to settle for the first apartment I see.


The Spanish is coming along nicely. I was just kidding with those three phrases at the beginning. I know more than that, but I have a lot yet to learn. I think I’ll ask everyone to only use Spanish around me so I’ll have to pour myself into this language learning effort.

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