About Rocket Languages: Reviews and Comprehensive Profile

Learning different languages online is one of the most effective ways on how you can master another language faster. But because there are lots of websites that offer language learning tutorials online, it can be difficult to know which among these sites are really effective in teaching different languages. You will be confused because of the many websites that you will see in the internet today.

If you are looking for the best learning language online, Rocket Languages is the right website for you. They offer so many kinds of languages that you will find interesting. Rocket Languages is known for the good quality and service that they offer in their language tutorial. The Libros Media or the Rocket languages Trading Company has been started in early 2004 by Mark Ling and Jason Oxenham. These two friends started the language tutorial online and this it became successful after several years of service in the internet. They have helped a lot of people from all over the world who want to learn different languages.

Mark is studying Spanish at university and Jason who is a dedicated Francophile is familiar with the learning language material that was provided by bookshops and universities. They agreed that there should be more effective ways on how to learn different languages and made a mission to start a learn-Spanish course that is easy to follow, more fun to use, gives the people confidence to actually speak Spanish and minimizes the study time. After a year of research and with the help of some of their trusted friends, the very first original Rocket Spanish Premium course was then created.

The primary core component of Rocket Spanish was the iPod/MP3 compatible Interactive Audio Lessons and downloadable that features a conversation between the Spanish speakers. The conversations are broken down so that the people can follow and pronounce the Spanish phrases and words aloud like they were just in a real life situation.

Due to the hard work of these people they made the Rocket Spanish Premium an instant hit online and many people started to visit their website. Many people are sending reviews of how great the Rocket Spanish is compared to any other sites in the internet and in the market.

Because of their huge success on their first creation, they followed the original with another Rocket Languages that includes Chinese, Arabic, German, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, American Sign Language and Korean. As the years pass by and 2011 came, the Rocket Languages has managed to become well recognized in the kind of service that they offer online and eventually, they became the leader in the language learning courses online. They even made further refined and developed products that keep pace with the customers, technological requirements and e-learning. As a proof that Rocket Languages is now successful, they have over 800,000 registered users of their products.


Here are some of the recent course enhancements offered by this unique online language program:

  • Some software games for effective and fun ways of learning the lessons
  • Culture lessons and languages to help the students learn the natural way
  • Rocket Language Certification Tests that is equivalent to the levels of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages
  • It also includes interactive quizzes with instant feedbacks for the students to test their newly learned language skills.
  • My Notes – it lets you add and take notes of the important reminders or lessons that you learned.
  • The Voice Comparison for every phrase and word that is used in the course
  • My Vocab – lets you store some words for your future reference along with your corresponding audio tracks.
  • Online Member Forums are also used in order for the students to have an interaction with the other members and also the Rocket Languages teachers and staff.

The Rocket language also has their terms of use to secure their legality and make sure that their customers agree with all their terms before they started the program or courses. It is also stated that you are not allowed to republish, copy,reproduce, broadcast, post, download, transmit, available to the community, or use the website content in whatever way except for your personal use and not commercial use. If you agree to these policy and terms then, you can immediately start the use of the website. Just make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions that were given by the website so that you will not have regrets in the end.


Rocket Languages Products:

Rocket Spanish

Learning the Spanish language is fun and exciting. The Rocket Spanish Premium includes 32 repeatable audio lessons that help you to speak Spanish out loud. It has an average time of 25 minutes for each of the lessons. They are using the scientific process which is called chunking wherein the Rocket Spanish breaks down the Spanish conversations every day into small segments so that people will understand more the lessons and remember them well.

The chunking method means that you will be able to work in your Spanish accent privately in your home and to help you overcome your fear by saying the wrong accent and words. Because this is downloadable you can also use the audio lessons in your car, in gym or even in the subway on your way to work and anywhere that you can take your MP3 with you. The main important reason why you need to learn Spanish is so that it will allow you talk to Spanish travelers and tourists when you have to.

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Rocket French

If you want to learn French, now is the right time for you to do so. It is never too late to try another language that can help you better enhance your life and your personality. It will be a big advantage for you because you will have the chance to learn something new. If you will travel in to a certain French-speaking country or if you will talk to a French-speaking family then, you will have the confidence to express yourself well. You will never be left out and you will be able to communicate with different kinds of people. Here in Rocket Language, we know very well the needs of many people in communicating with different languages, this is why we are giving different courses for the people to learn different language at the same time. You will have a professional French-speaker teacher that will guide you and help you in your learning process.

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Rocket Chinese

If you know the Mandarin language then, it will be easier for you to communicate and interact with the Chinese people. While learning the Chinese language, you will be taught on how to pronounce the words correctly and you will also be given some tests to know how far you adopt the Chinese language. The Rocket language will help you boost your Chinese-speaking skills and will assist you to perfect your communication skills in Chinese.

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Rocket Italian

If you love traveling to Italy then, you might as well want to learn the Italian language. Being able to speak the Italian language it will help you have a better communication with your family and friends from Italian-speaking country. It will also be easier for you to understand their words and their thoughts if you have the skill to communicate with them well.

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Rocket German

Are you traveling to a German-speaking country or you have found a German partner? Whatever your reasons may be, the best way to deal with your problem is to learn the German language. In the Rocket Language, they are also offering the German language that will help you better communicate well in German language. This is the most practical way of learning different languages that will suit your needs. They have hired several professional teachers that are best in their language skills of a certain country.

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Rocket Japanese

The Japanese language is also one of the most difficult languages to learn but it is very exciting. If you are able to speak the Japanese language then, you will be able to understand the Japanese people well. Japan is also one of the perfect vacation destinations in Asia. So, if you are planning to take a vacation in Japan, it will be better if you know the Japanese language.

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Rocket Arabic

Learning the Arabic language is also one of the greatest enhancements in life that you could achieve. If you will be traveling from an Arabic country and you want to be understood by these people then you need to learn the Arabic language too. By learning the Arabic language you will boost your confidence to talk to Arabic people without any hesitations and you can also develop good communication skills when you learn different languages.

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The Espanol Episodes

Spanish is getting more importance in many work fields now. If you are new in learning Spanish, you need to practice it. The Espenol Episodes is a product which makes your learning more accurate. It is an exciting product which makes you curious to study more. It is monthly subscription episodes. Each episode will make you excited to know more.

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Rocket Portuguese

Portuguese language is getting more popular now a days. Learning Portuguese increases your working demand and makes you well establish. More then 230million people speaks in Portuguese. It is also the 6th language. Brazil has powerful economy, to work for them you need to know Portuguese language. Portuguese language is easy to learn for English speakers as well as Spanish and French.

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Rocket Korean

About 1.2million of people speaks Korean throughout the world. It is the easiest language from all the Asian languages. If you really want to be experienced in languages start with learning Korean language. It is a language which will help you to have a good job with a bright future. It can also open the door of your business opportunities. It is the best language to enhance your knowledge of language.

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Rocket Hindi

Over half a billion people speaks Hindi. It is a well famous language. 300million people speak Hindi as a native speaker and about 200million people talks Hindi as there second language. Now it is getting huge priority all over the world. Learning and speaking in Hindi is not big deal. More over it is good for having a bright career.

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Rocket American Sign Language

Learning a sign language is exciting. For a good career and to be a noticeable person learning sing language is a good option. Normally it is learned to help or to speak with the deaf or hard hearing persons. But now it is getting more attention not only for communicating with the deaf people but also to have a unique personality. Learning with action is always exciting to all.

Here in Rocket Language Trading Company, you will have the chance to learn the different languages around the world. You can also help yourself improve more and enhance your skills by learning the different languages that you want to learn and will help you for your future reference. Rocket Language is one of the best and top websites in the internet today that makes language learning fun, fast, easy and affordable.

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Jetset Spanish

If you want to bring the Spanish-speaking world right to your doorstep and replace your fear of speaking Spanish with some serious FUN, you’re in the right place!

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